Zero Più Marta

Zero plus Marta is synonymous with artistic creations in high quality paper. Jewellery, accessories, lamps, furnishing items, tickets, participations and favors for ceremonies or festivals. All protected and enhanced by water-based paints, natural, to protect the jewels and accessories from raindrops, sweat and moisture; To preserve the lamps and the furnishing elements from the dust and the passage of time; and to make our paper more durable, elastic and durable.

We pay maximum attention to allergies. The metals we use are non-allergenic and nickel-free. In fact, we use pure silver, titanium, brass, copper and steel, not galvanized, because it is in the galvanizing process that attacks the nickel. Moreover, we abandoned the surgical steel because, although used to make medical instruments, inside it can be traces of nickel (< 0,027).></ 0,027).> For the most allergic, for those who do not wear anything, not even gold (but has holes that have not yet closed), we have the solution for you: pins, hooks and Monastelle silicone. Ask on commission the earring that you like directly in silicone or come to us to find in our many events: pendulous earrings can be replaced immediately with silicone elements, while those with lobe should be ordered. For those who do not have holes in their ears, ask for our jewels with the anti-allergic clip: We have three different types, they do not hurt, they are practical and they support our jewels well, however very light. Even the necklaces, if even the friction with the metals annoys, can be only in paper (as in the case of that 10 meters in wire of paper of newspaper) or with cotton thread on request.

Our lamps are safe and guaranteed from the electrical point of view, having the electrical elements certified CEE. Moreover, they are beautiful and original, which does not hurt;) Ask them on commission, be imaginative, what you see are just examples, we can do everything.

Finally, we also make tickets, participations, favors for your ceremonies: weddings, baptisms, christenings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, parties mom, Dad, grandparents, etc… Contact us to find out more. We will send you photos and materials already made as a cue, but the idea is yours;)

Very important: The photo galleries that you see on this site represent the IDEA of creations that we do, but are not exhaustive, neither in terms of shapes, nor in terms of colors. They are a valuable guide to venture into the path of artistic creations in paper, a cue, an IDEA to give you the opportunity to orient your choices, requests and/or commissions. Therefore, the colors or tonality that we put are as an example, being able to realize the same objects in all the colors you want. The same applies to the dimensions: some are STANDARD, but others can be adapted to each request.

Prossimi eventi

09:30 RiCreAzione – Mercatino Riuso Cr... @ Piazza Battistero, Treviso
RiCreAzione – Mercatino Riuso Cr... @ Piazza Battistero, Treviso
Dec 14 @ 09:30 – Dec 15 @ 19:30
RiCreAzione - Mercatino Riuso Creativo Treviso @ Piazza Battistero, Treviso
RiCreAzione a Treviso è sinonimo di qualità, ricercatezza, artigianato vero e fatto a mano, ma soprattutto RIUSO CREATIVO. Noi ci siamo con la carta per mostrare come strisce di cartoncino, vecchi campionari, libri destinati al macero, giornali e riviste usate,... Continue Reading…
09:30 Mercato Artigianato Artistico Mo... @ Piazza Matteotti Modena
Mercato Artigianato Artistico Mo... @ Piazza Matteotti Modena
Dec 21 @ 09:30 – Dec 24 @ 19:30
Mercato Artigianato Artistico Modena @ Piazza Matteotti Modena
L’Associazione I Laboratori organizza il Mercato dell’artigianato artistico che ha luogo in Piazza Matteotti a Modena. Noi ci saremo in occasione dei mercatini di Natale, dal 21 al 24 Dicembre, dalle 9:30 alle 19:30. Come ogni anno, una volta all’anno,... Continue Reading…
09:30 La sporta dea Marantega – Treviso @ Piazza Indipendenza, Treviso
La sporta dea Marantega – Treviso @ Piazza Indipendenza, Treviso
Jan 4 @ 09:30 – Jan 6 @ 19:30
La sporta dea Marantega - Treviso @ Piazza Indipendenza, Treviso
XII edizione della Sporta dea Marantega (Befana). 4-5-6 Gennaio 2020 dalle ore 9:30 alle ore 19:30 in centro a Treviso, Piazza Indipendenza, davanti Piazza dei Signori. Noi ci saremo con i nostri fantastici gioielli di carta. L’ ultima festa di... Continue Reading…


Ordini personalizzati

Tutte le nostre creazioni possono essere ordinate  e/o commissionate. Le gallery hanno funzione dimostrativa, e non esaustiva. Puoi ordinare ciò che vuoi, nei colori che desideri, anche se non sono presenti sul sito.

Se desideri un gioiello che ancora non esiste possiamo realizzarlo per te, in base all’idea che ci racconti. Non c’è obbligo di acquisto.

Contattaci per avere i dettagli di costo, modalità di pagamento e tipologia di ordine: